The UnNatural Process of Socialization

This Piece Is "In Process" and Not Complete - Lacy

From the start, the process teaches us that our feelings are not
important, and something to be controlled, not listened to.

"I know you really need to go to the bathroom, but you will just have
to wait. The Church service is already nearly half over, It will only be another
30 minutes or so. You can wait."

We are also taught that what others think of us is more important than
what we think of ourselves. Even worse we are responsible for what others think of our parents! We are taught Conformity to the expectations of others through rewards.

"I am so embarrassed! You made a fool out of me in front of all those people.
It will be a long time before I take you anywhere you want to go again. 
You will have to learn to behave first. "

We are taught Fear of Failure , That it is better not to even try than to
Try and not "Succeed". Its more important to do something you already are good at Than to do something you have a passion for.

"I know you really want to be an artist. But both your teachers and I feel you are 
more suited to math. You do so much better at it. Honey I just don't
Want you to be hurt."

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