Across the Infinity of Time and Space Our Souls 
Emerged on this Wonderful Speck of Dust We Call Earth.
Our Existence .. Is But the Blink of an Eye in Eternity.
Like Sparks Dancing Wildly Above a Fire 

We Spring to Life, 
Dance Into the Cold Night Air, 
And Disappear . . . In an Instant.

Within That Brief Stretch of Time 
We Live Our Lives One Day at a Time.
As I Live Today, So Will Be My Life.

If I Can稚 Find Joy Today, I値l Not Find It In My Life,
I Must Open My Eyes and my Heart to Life. 
Drink it in like a Cool Glass of Water on a Hot Day.

Who Am I ? Where Am I Going ?
 Does it Really Matter ?
I think Not.
I think the Only thing that Really matters is that 
I Live my Life Fully Aware that Today may indeed be my Last.
How sad it would be to Perish Tomorrow and not have
Even Lived Today !
Today , I値l Watch the Sun Rise. 
Hold a Flower to my Face,
Smell it, Enjoy it.
Appreciate it痴 Color, Texture and Beauty.

Tonight I値l Lite a Candle and Watch it Dance.
Open my Window and Listen to the Rain.
I値l Gaze at the Moon and Feel the Cool Night Air
Brush against my Face.

I値l Celebrate my Life and my Existence Today
Tomorrow I will be but a Memory
in someone else's day, My Life will be over.
But.. I Shall Live Today!