The Promise of Tomorrow

Just Yesterday, Your Life Held 
All The Promise of Tomorrow.
So Young, So Very Full of Life.
And Now Today It is I, So Much Older
Who Looks Upon Your Cold Lifeless Body.

How Shall I Make Sense of Life?
The Ironic Twists and Turns That Defy All Reason?
As I Cry "Foul !" - Life Does Not Hear.
Life Cares Not For my "Childish Rules"
Life Just Goes On. 
So What Then Am I To Do With This?
How Do I "Process" This? 
For I Cannot Fit It In My Rules of Reason.

Life, Said Nothing But In The Silence,
I Found My Own Answer.

This Silence,  This Nothingness
This   Absence of Life ,   It is The Norm.
Life Itself Is The Outlaw Renegade That
Defies The Death and Silence.
Infinities of Time Came Before Us.
Infinities of Time Will Come After Us.

Life Is Not an Entitlement. It is a Precious
Miracle Which, Through No Merit of Our Own
We Are Each so very Briefly Blessed.
Not One of Us, However Young Lives With The Promise of Tomorrow.
Life Lives Only Here and Now. 
Only The Fool Believes In The Promise of Tomorrow.

God, With All The Life that is Within Me
Help Me Live This Brief Miracle of Life 
With Passion Today!


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About This Piece: It was inspired by the death of the younger brother of a young lady I had a relationship with several years back.  Emile was only 19 and if there ever was someone who you would think had all the promise of tomorrow it was Emile.  I found him to be extremely polite and a very likeable person. Emile was blessed with striking good looks of the type you find in the most attractive movie stars.   One person put it "When he walked by, whether you were male or female, you turned around and took another look".  Unfortunately, Emile was killed instantly in an automobile accident.   His death had a profound effect on me and the way I viewed the mortal condition we all inherit.