A Father's Prayer

As I Watch You Sleeping, Nestled in Your Bed,
I think of How Very Much I Love You.
Nurturing Your Spirit and Your Character 
Is The Best Gift I Can Give You.

Wanting So Much to Be A Model for You,
Brings Out The Best In Me.
All the Education In The World Is Worthless
If I Have Failed To Teach You More Important
Lessons My Dad and Life Taught Me.

Tell the Truth
Not Because of What Others Will Think of You,
But Because of What You Will think of Yourself.

Trust Yourself
Trust the Divine Spirit God has Placed Inside You Always.
Listen To It Above What I or Anyone Else Tells You.
Many Times Following Your Inner Spirit
Will Put You Out of Favor With Others.
Understand Their Point of View, but
Always Follow Your Spirit and Trust It's Guidance.

Listen To Your Emotions
They Are Your Power
Not Something To Be Controlled.
Never be Afraid to Cry.

Believe In Yourself
You Can Do Anything You Set Your Heart and Mind To
Don't Let Anyone Discourage You From Pursuing Your Dreams

Never Fear Failure
There Is No Such Thing as Failure,
Except of the Spirit. 
Learn From Your Mistakes and They Will Become Your
Teachers and Stepping Stones To Success. 
Pursue your Dreams Your Whole Life Through
And You Can Never Fail.

Success Is Not Found in What You Have.
Success is Found in Who You Are.
It's Found Inside Yourself.
You Have A Unique Contribution 
Only You Can Make To The World
We All Are Here For a Purpose.

Life Is a Journey of Discovery.
Let Your Dreams and Passion Be Your Guides. 


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About This Piece:  I do not have children. I haven't found my "Soul Mate" yet.  I have given a lot of thought to what my viewpoints on parental responsibility are.    If I can teach my children how to appreciate their bodies and their health; to make their decisions on what to eat based upon nutritional value as opposed to "entertainment value" and the critical role of lifelong activity and exercise;  If I can preserve their natural self love and teach them to consider the opinions of other, but in the final analysis to be guided by their own spirits; Then I believe they can handle the rest.  I want my children to live inspired, healthy, passionate, inner directed lives .