If there is one human quality I admire most it
is Audacity. The belief and trust in ones own
self irregardless of the opinions of others.
The quality that responds "Why Not ME?"
to the doubts and low expectations that often
surround us. 

It is my belief Audacity is the mother of 
honesty and true character. For only when
we are willing and able to stand alone if need
be can we have any strength of character.
Only when we have the courage to tell a truth
which puts us in disfavor can we be accountable
for honesty. 

You can trust the motives of Audacious people
because they certainly aren't doing things to win
Your approval. The approval of themselves governs
their every move. 

If you want to give me a complement I will
appreciate, don't call me honest, courageous,
original, responsible, or accountable. Call me
Audacious and by doing so you will have called
me all of the other as well.


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