The Incomparable Life

The Gift of Life Is a Miracle To Be 
Treasured ,  Not Compared.

A Spark Which Burns Brightly Only for an Instant 
and Disappears Into The Eternal Night.

An Experience To Be Savored and Enjoyed 
With Awe and Wonder

Your Life Is Your Life! 
Make It All That It Can Be 
For The Beautiful Experience Alone. 

Drop Competition And Comparison For 
The Silly Side Shows They Are. 

Live The Incomparable Life You Alone Can Live. 
Discover The Unique Gifts That Lie 
Within You and Bring Them To The Surface
To Share The Beauty 
You Alone Can Gift To The World. 

Live An Inspired Life. 
One That Truly Defies Comparison.
The Life You and Only You Could Live. 

Lacy 12-25-00








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About This Piece:  I wrote it Christmas Morning 2000.   To me Christmas "gifts" are more meaningful if they are from the heart instead of the wallet.  I had my nephew and my niece in mind when I wrote this as one of their Christmas gifts from me.  I am extremely competitive.  That said, I think Inspiration is a Far superior form of motivation.   Competition is external.  Inspiration is internal.  Most of the things I write are about moving the locus of motivation from the external to the internal.