What is an "Indigo Child?

My Take on The Indigo Child Phenomenon
   Being one of the relatively rare Indigo Adults,  I have a different take on what the phenomenon actually Is. I believe the Indigo characteristics are actually the True Nature of Mankind .  I believe the Indigos are those of Us who held on to their true human nature and did not become *Externally Oriented*  but held on (As an Act of Integrity!) to our "Selves". 
     I think what is causing more of them to appear in Far Larger Numbers is that our child rearing practices have changed and are generally less controlling and two parents working present more time for the child to be with his self and develop or hold onto a sense of self. I see the traditional socialization process as a "Spiritual Lobotomy". These children simply refuse to give up their spirits.
    I know .... From personal experience! It has taken me about seven years to put together and articulate this theory which is still unfolding for me. I have written a piece called "The Toolmaker Became the Tool" which articulates some of my current thinking.  It's in development and rough but it ties in another theory of mine that regarding the use of conditional love and its relationship to our systems of monetary exchange. I have never heard anyone else make these assertions, however, I feel deeply from my intuitive self that it is a valid assessment.
  For grins look at my Projects! I am developing my Own Systems of Writing, Making Music, and a New Housing Paradigm! This is the potential of the Indigos... to powerfully alter our world and reveal just how much of our Human Potential We loose when we become "Model Citizens" through a socialization process that does not respect our full Human Nature.
   I feel deeply for these children. I remember hearing Wayne Dyer on a radio broadcast and feeling for the very first time that my experience of following my spirit which put me out of tune for my whole life... was validated for the first time by some of the assertions he made in the broadcast. I want somehow to lend my voice and my experience to these children to have someone as an adult validate and more importantly Celebrate their characteristics. They are NOT "aberrant" humans, Quite the contrary, They are the few who did not become the Aberrants of the Socialization Process. They are the "Most Natural Humans" among us!