The Ego and The Self

At One Point Our Self was Central to Our
Being and Happiness was a Natural State.

When We Rejected Our Self, 
the Ego Became Dominant.

The Competitor and the Comparator . . . . 
Never In Touch with What Inspires or Fulfills Our Self.

Instead the Ego is Only In Touch With How We Compare.
The Ego Leads Us On One Goose Chase After the Other . . . .
Searching for the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow. 

Only It does Not Exist.

The Self Was the Child Who Was Amazed by Insects and 
All Sorts of Miracles Most Adults Scarcely Note. 
The Child Who Was Not In A Hurry and Could be
In Rapture of the Moment Because Competition and 
Comparison Were The Last Things on His Mind. 

The Being Who's Self Worth Was Self Evident and Not Something
That Had To Be Proven and Justified Over and Over Again.

We Think Our Ego Is Our Friend Because It Gives Us 
Those Brief Moments of "Victory"
When We Compare and Come Out Ahead
And Feel Like a "Winner".

Then The Ego Promptly Sentences Us Back to The 
Purgatory of Competition and Comparison . . . The Days,
Weeks, and Years Of Our Lives Spent Enslaved To The Ego.

All The While The Self,  Which Held The Key To Happiness
and Fulfillment and Inspiration,  Stays Locked Deep Inside Us;
Ignored,  Alone,  and Abandoned,
While We Service our Ego.




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About This Piece: This is probably my personal favorite of the things I have written so far.  It really has helped me distinguish my "Self" from my "Ego".   I have a personal "coach" who's job it is to sort of "rattle my cage" and help my personal development through insightful questions.  One of the questions was about the difference between the Ego and the Self.  It simmered on the back burner of my mind for about a week and this is the piece I wrote for myself.  Most everything I write is to help me get a "handle" on some of life's issues.  If I find value in what I write.... then I want to share it.   Hence this site.
  PS: My "personal coach" is Janice Turner jtcoachusa@onebox.com  .