Walford Salad
Chickpeas dry           1/3 cup         75 g
Cowpeas or lentils,dry  1/3 cup         63 g
Brown rice, dry 1/3 cup         62 grams
Wild rice               >1/3 cup        48 g
Oat bran                1/3 cup         31 g
Sweet potato, baked     1 med           114 g
Broccoli, raw           1 spear         151 g
Carrots, raw            1 carrot                72 grams
Mushrooms, raw  3/4 cup         52 grams
Lettuce, romaine,etc    2 cups          112 g
Parsley         1/2 cup         30 g
Red Pepper, raw 1 pepper        74 g
Squash, zuchini 2 squash        22 g
Cabbage, shredded       1/2 cup         35 g
Onions, minced  1/2 cup         80 g
Yogurt, nonfat          3/4 cup         170  g
Vinegar, balsamic       2 tblsp         30 g
Olive oil               2 tblsp         27 g
Inst.nonfat milk dry    1 big tblsp     30 g
Salsa, chunky,commercial        8 oz ++         172 grams (or more to taste)
Egg-hrdbld              1 egg           50  g

   Soak beans overnight.  Discard soak water. Place three cups water in a
large pot and bring to boil (you could add a peice of kombu for added
nutrient value).  Add the chickpeas.  Reduce heat and simmer for 20
minutes.  Add the lentils and rices and continue to cook for an additional
30 minutes.  (Roy cooks his beans and grains separately.  This insures that
there is a real difference in texture between the two.  For convenience,
you could cook them all together; but if possible, prepare separately).
   You may bake the sweet potato for 35 minutes at 350 degrees.  Cool,
peel, and slice.  Or you may grate the raw sweet potato directly into the
salad (really good!)
   Add the egg to boiling water and cook for twelve minutes.  Drain, cool,
and slice into vegetables.
   Meanwhile, separate the broccoli florets from the stalk.  Slice the
carrot, mushrooms, lettuce, bell pepper, broccoli florets and zuchini into
bite size peices. (op) Trim or peel the outer layer of broccoli skin off
and cut into bite size peices (this makes the broccoli stalk tender).  If
you like, you may lightly steam the carrots and broccoli.  We prefer like
the crunchy raw veges.
   Mince the parsley, grate  or finely slice the cabbage and onions.
   Strain the salsa through a mesh strainer.  You should have all the
chuncky tomatoes and spices left over.
   Drain and cool the beans and grains.  You may choose to double the
quantity and freeze extra beans&grains for another salad.  THis really cuts
down on cooking.
    Mix all veg-bean-grain-salsa ingredients together.  Blend the yogurt,
dry milk (vit B12), and vinegar and add to the salad.  Add any herbs you
might like.
   Let the salad sit for at least a half hour to marinate.

for 2000 calorie diet, "default" user for a single serving, which is huge!
Close to four cups of salad.

Calories:       469
Protein 41 %, 22 grms
Total fat       17%
Sat              9%
Mono fat        21
Poly fat        30%
Carbo           26%; 77grms
Fiber           44% 13 grms
Vit A           289%
Vit C           202%
Vit B12 35%
Vit E           45%
Calcium 28
Iron            36
Selenium        30
   Most other vitamins and minerals are over 50%, some being appreciably

Dear CR's:
   I've been away for awhile, and am delighted to see the recipe exchange.
I do plan on putting more recipes on the web site!  Here is a weekly staple
at my house.  It is one of Roy's favorite recipes, and is his creation.
While it is not quite a mega-meal, it is extremely nutritious, and delicious!
   The recipe is for four servings.  It usually lasts three days for Roy,
so the preparation time counts for three days of cooking.  You can add the
dressing the first day, and let the ingred marinate, or add it as you dish
up each serving.  The marinade method works really well if you add fresh
greens (including sprouts, op) before each serving, although this is not


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